We care for our children and their future.
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QCO registered nonprofit making CBO it is based in Kenya, Rift valley province, Laikipia County, Nanyuki.  It was formed in the year 2015 and registered on 30/6/2016. These Organization was formed by community members who felt the need to be together to overcome our main and common needs by pulling our resources and uplifting the living standard through establishment of income generating activities. The common problem the community members are facing are poverty as a result of unemployment. Most of these members are working in quarry, house helps and herding and also most of them are women who are single mothers as a result of broken marriage and as a result of HIV deaths of their partner.  In Queenstar community organization we provide education to Orphan and Vulnerable Children and also support feeding program in school. This has been a challenge to us but we are trying our best to make it work through assistance from our local well wishers. We also have a support group of people living with HIV, in this group we provide psychosocial support, and improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy making sure they are taking their medication right to avoid defaulting and also making them to engage in income generating activity. We also have a group of physically challenged members. We support them in income generating activities, and linking them to relevant authorities to get further assistance.

The organization has  three staffs who undertakes day to day implementation of program and activities the team is headed by a qualified and experienced community development agent with an advanced diploma in community development and management with rich experience in humanitarian work having worked with Italian NGO  OSVIC international and Christian child care international CANADA. The project account is managed by qualified accountant a holder CPA 2 and diploma in ethics (seven years working experience).project officer she is a qualified in the field of education -diploma in early childhood and primary education (15 years experience) we also have three volunteers who work part time.

Board members

The organization has 5 board members all with relevant technical and professional skills in line with QCO programming. They command high profile skills which include education, public health, social work, and community development and agriculture. This team of able men and women will provide support and technical backstopping to the programme on its intervention areas. 

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